03 December, 2023

From the Delta 98 Den Haag archive, work by Jaap Eerland

an ink drawing, made in 1966 or 1967
by Jaap Eerland:

behind cat Mauwky a 
circa 1970 painting by Jaap Eerland:

an article in the news paper, circa 1970
about an exhibition with work by Jaap Eerland
in Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague:

26 May, 2023

Some early work rediscovered in the personal Jaap Eerland archive

 when going through some big artists maps, 

that were high up in the racks in the storage of

Delta 98 Den Haag,

 the content hidden from sight and daylight for many years,

were some real treats found;

work by several Dutch artists, but also early work by:

Jaap Eerland 

- Dutch, born 1946 in The Hague -

during our pop-up storage-sale in May/June 2023, many were sold,

some are still available,

the following were all made by Jaap Eerland:

oil on panel, 1958, painted as a 12-year old, a Paris' street:sold

a small collage, circa 1965, Kissed by an Angel:sold

painted on theater canvas, 1966, Eve going first:

1968, ink drawn with the back of a brush:

small monotype, Vleugelman - Wing man, 1960's:available

color pencil, date unknown, depicting:
Walter van Gogh with Ed:

gouache on paper, Hat with Charlie Chaplin:

ink drawing 1968, Scheveningse op 't platteland:

ink drawing 1968, Parend paar:

ink drawing 1968, Met z'n tweeen:

acryl on canvas, 110x110cm, 
Willem-Alexander is jarig of Prinsjesdag:

mixed media on paper: 
Wie wil mijn marmotje zien:

Getuigschrift Vroom en Dreesman:

Duifje, een tweeluik:

Silent movement, 
a series of 6 different mixed media on paper:

Samourai, a series of 4, gouache on paper:

acryl on canvas, 110x110 cm:

Silversmith fly, mixed media on paper with silver foil: 

Tango, acryl on canvas:

designs for beer mats / bierviltjes, 1960's 
made during his study at the Kunst Academie Den Haag:

self portrait with Ruby, mixed media, 1972

monotype, 1960's:

studies with stamp technique, 1967:

painting, acryl on canvas, 110x110cm:

monotype, 1960's:

mixed media, 1971, Mondeten:

four-part / 4-luik, gemengde techniek, 1980's 
Zoeken naar het vierkant, serie A - 1/4:


four-part / 4-luik, gemengde techniek, 1980's 
Zoeken naar het vierkant, serie B - 1/4

Fully licensed, work on paper:

work on paper:

Triangle, 1987, work on paper:


dyptich, work on paper, 1987:


13 March, 2022

vervolg: werk van Jaap Eerland in museum depots

grafiek door Jaap Eerland, 1980-1990

Sante, 1986

Margaret in blauw, 1982

Het grote optreden, 1984

Uit het verkeerde fotoboek blz II, 1985


Theatre - Drama, props, set design, or realisation by Jaap Eerland

decor ontwerpen in samenwerking met 

Jaap Eerland.

Kwelling, van Herman Heijermans, 
door Scat Cameleon, Den Haag 2003:

U bent mijn moeder, van Joop Admiraal, 
door Scat Cameleon, Den Haag 2003:

van Marx Warmerdam en de leden van toneelgroep Scat Cameleon
2009 Den Haag:

Haar Jury, een bewerking door Marx Warmerdam van
Trifles, van Susan Glaspell, 1916 USA en
a Jury of her peers, van Sally Heckel, 1980 USA,
door toneelgroep Randstad, Den Haag 2011:

04 March, 2022

Annabel and Robert Smit, mixed media painting by Jaap Eerland

 a 1969 painting by Jaap Eerland, The Hague, The Netherlands

title: Annabel rookt een stick -  for: Annabel smoking a joint

of course showing Annabel, but also on the upper left 
the Dutch jewelry maker and visual artist:

Robert Smit 
born 1941 in Delft, The Netherlands

I found the picture, made circa 1968-1969 by Jaap Eerland, he used for this painting, in his archive:

see work by Robert Smit on

in Jaap Eerland's archive are also pictures of Robert Smit's work of that time, 
for example:

26 February, 2022

Schilderij uit 1979, door Jaap Eerland: Mij niet gezien / Picture me gone

een 3-luik op linnen,

door Jaap Eerland uit 1979, titel:

Mij niet gezien

a triptych, 3 paintings on canvas by 

Jaap Eerland, The Hague, The Netherlands

 dated 1979, titled: Mij niet gezien - for: Picture me gone !