25 November, 2015

Sketches 2 - by Jaap Eerland

during March and April 1987 Jaap Eerland forced himself out of figurative painting by sketching an endless amount of triangles

Aansteker - Een nieuwe vlam

21 November, 2015

Theatre - Dance 1, photography and grafic design by Jaap Eerland

circa 1970, a dance preformance in Leiden:
Movement in Spring
choreography: Marjolein Briƫr and Polly Reupers
photography and grafic designs: Jaap Eerland

 in the back, with camera: Jaap Eerland

some dancers: Leonie Blaas, Kenny Lalopua, Juanita Albers, Vera van der Meer, Trudi Stuifzand, Anke Schueler, Dick de Groot,  Miranda Gordijn, Naud Nauta, Erika Hoek, Lucienne Oet, Symphorosa Wisse, Xenia Kwee, Mtielyn Eykman, Ad van Egmond, and many more

20 November, 2015

Mixed media art 2, by Jaap Eerland

Onbekend Handschrift
- unknown manuscript -
a quadriptyque, three dimensional work by Jaap Eerland
acryl on paper and cardboard, 1989

complete, in situ 2015

1960's Photography by Jaap Eerland, part 1

19 November, 2015

Sketches 1 - by Jaap Eerland


circa 1968


1960's work by Jaap Eerland

black & white photographs of 1960's work by Jaap Eerland: 


"Een lust voor de oogjes"

1969 - ink on paper
"hier rust onze vierde lieveling 
Dikkie Teunisse 
23-8-1925  19-9-1927 
jong gestorven, vroeg bij God"

1969 - ink on paper

"Annabel", 1969

"De vogelman komt over het water uit het westen. U bent gewaarschuwd"

18 November, 2015

Work on paper by Jaap Eerland

from the series: "Samoerai"
by Jaap Eerland
acryl and pencil on paper, 1989

more from this series, in situ 2015:

17 November, 2015

1980's Paintings by Jaap Eerland

"Duifje" - circa 1980-1985
aquired from an estate by Venduehuis der Notarissen 's Gravenhage,
in 2015 and donated to Jaap Eerland

Jaap Eerland, in a private collection

Jaap Eerland, in a private collection

"De Kus Of De Nieuwe Moeder", 1980
collection Mrs. & Mr. Ten Haken, The Netherlands

"Tussen De Bomen"
collection Mrs. & Mr. Ten Haken, The Netherlands

found on the internet, sold at an auction in 2015:
"Ans Met De Gans" - circa 1980-1985

found on the internet, sold at an aucion in 2015:
"Floor Met Franse Bloemen"
acryl and pencil on linen, 1981

15 November, 2015

Paris, France, November 13, 2015 - versus France 1983, by Jaap Eerland

November 13, 2015 
a new dimension to an old print by Jaap Eerland, made in 1983
France then - France today
black shores, storm swept clouds

11 November, 2015

1980-1990's art prints by Jaap Eerland

Jaap Eerland made many different art prints, he called them Harsprint. They were printed in small editions. Affordable priced, always incuding passe-partout and frame, they found their way to numerous buyers. A small selection:

from the series Synchronized Swimming:
Kunstzwemmen I

Kunstzwemmen II

collection Mrs. & Mr. Ten Haken, The Netherlands:

Bladzijde Uit Een Dagboek - Maandag

Dromen - Komfortabel Reizen

Depro - De Zomer Is Voorbij

and some more archived by the artist

click on the picture to see the following prints slighty bigger: