26 February, 2018

Jaap Eerland and dolls

selfportrait with doll, Jaap Eerland, The Hague

mixed media by Jaap Eerland

love 1, photograph by Jaap Eerland

love 2, photograph by Jaap Eerland

invitation for a pop-up exposition of dolls from Jaap Eerland;
a Pop-inn hosted by Marleen Kaptein in Oegstgeest 
In that time Marleen was a hat designer for movies and theatre, f.e.
Het meisje met de blauwe hoed

the end of a love, 
photograph by Jaap Eerland

Jaap Eerland in his former studio

drawing by Jaap Eerland

encounter with hanging dolls, photograph by Jaap Eerland

 photograph for a Christmas card of Delta 98 Den Haag, The Hague

photography by Jaap Eerland

25 February, 2018

1960's Photography by Jaap Eerland, part 3

a girl

a man

a woman



photographs made in Yugoslavia, late 1960's,
by Jaap Eerland (Dutch, born 1946)